Silent Words

I’m just really pissed right now. Besides the fact that we are climbing a huge mountain of homeworks, something else isn’t going right. Tch.
[reposted from my blogspot]

+ + +

You’ve judge the puppeteer by the movements of her Marionettes.
You’ve seen the Marionette but you didn’t understand that there was someone else in control.
You’ve judged the marionette without knowing it’s puppeteer.
How well do you know the puppeteer just by looking at her marionette?
Do you even know that there’s a puppeteer up there?
Look. See. Know. UNDERSTAND.
The puppeteer is hiding behind the curtains.
Only her marionette can be seen.
The puppeteer is joyfully doing her job.
The puppeteer is joyfully being herself, doing what she can.
Without even knowing that
behind the curtains…
people are talking.
people are hating the show.
and all of it…
is taken against the puppeteer…
who didn’t even have a clue.

+ + +

Rant Rant Rant. >__>


4 Responses to “Silent Words”

  1. Homeworksss. ~X(

  2. Gets ko na. 🙂 Puppeteer, >:D<

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