Kenichi Suzumura ^^

Kenichi Suzumura

Kenichi Suzumura

“itsumo kikoette ku shiteru. Itsumo kiki no ga shiteru”

+ + +

Forgive me if there’s something wrong with what’s written above. XD I typed that based on how I heard it and mind you, I’m a bit of a Japanese [language] illiterate person. XD

+ + +

Fandom attacks once again. O_o;

I actually had Kenichi’s first single “Intention” since some time last year but meh. I haven’t really given it that much of an attention. Although that changed the other night. XD I dunno, I came across this video [a short promotional video of Intention] and poof.! sudden fandom strikes. XD

lol. Before Muraken was Ken Murata of Kyo Kara Maoh. Can’t believe Kenichi Suzumura’s called the same way. xD

+ + +

And now some infos.! ^^

He’s turning 35 this year, on Sept. 12.~ ^^ err, I can’t really remember most of his roles and I’m a bit too lazy to search right now so… I’ll just list down the three roles that I know. XD I think these roles are pretty famous though.

+ Lavi / Bookman jr. [D.Gray-Man]

+ Zack Fair [Final Fantasy Last Order]

+ Hikaru Hitachiin [Ouran High School Host Club]


2 Responses to “Kenichi Suzumura ^^”

  1. IT’S LAVI!!! LOL. xD
    Shota person TwT
    Hahahahaaa, we love his voice <33
    And dude he's so thin on that first picture. LOLOLz


    • scarletscythe Says:

      LAVI.!! ❤
      don't we all just Lavi. ❤ lol. XD
      We.? omgyaaaay. you love his voice too.! __> he doesn’t even look like he’s turning 35. O.o

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