Squished and crushed brain

Before I start on with anything, here’s a little something I’m gonna add from my Toy Con ’09 experience. xD

”]Lol. Team Pinas. xD [L-R --> Ren, Me, Azhrien, Lady Michaelis][photo is not mine]

L-R — Ren, Me, Azhrien, Lady Michaelis

This is Team Pinas. XD lol why.? Coz Azhrien and I were supposed to have a Grell vs. Drocell shot but unfortunately we weren’t unable to think of a good pose. We ended up posing in front of the posted Philippine Flag in one of the stores there. XD

Apparently the only pose [in the anime] of Grell and Drocell together was when Grell was lying flat down on the floor and Drocell came crashing down on him. Obviously we can’t do that there. XD

+ + +

Back to the actual post.

“Squished and crushed brain”

We had this test thing awhile ago and it was divided into two parts. The first one was easy, though. But the second one.? gah don’t ask. lol. Bottom line is, I didn’t finish the test. *sulks* It made my brain twist and turn a lot. O_O I mean, technically the objectives aren’t really challenging but it’s what you have to do that killed me. Lulz sorry but I’m not really good in abstract reasoning. XD -shot- it was like looking for a needle in a gigantic stack of hay. >__> And with this I guess my best friend [yes, you know who you are] will definitely agree with me. XD I don’t wanna take such a test anymore. O_O *puppy eyes*

+ + +

Anyway, that’s it. Just wanted to let it out. XD -shot-


4 Responses to “Squished and crushed brain”

  1. meetzie Says:

    yuh!!!!!!!!!!! I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was so………… ARG!!! can’t say it but i really hate that test! i don’t care about whether i pass or not. im going to study what i want to study for college!!!!!! šŸ˜› kay nosebleed me :))

    • scarletscythe Says:

      ‘yun nga eh. If we’re really decided about our future, then it doesn’t matter what that test says. >___> [insert inside joke here] talaga. XD

      • meetzie Says:

        exactly! like hello! btw i will become a blacksmith :)))) {you know} the result of my first test :)) :)) šŸ˜› :)) hahaha….

      • scarletscythe Says:

        gawan mo ko ng sword, ah. =))

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