[insert witty title here]

Coz there are lots of epicness going on today, I’ll make a short entry about random lulzness.

+ + +

Okay, honestly I’m really tired right right now with all those school stuffs going on. I don’t even know why I feel so drained even though it’s just orientation of subjects + HWs. >w> Anyway, back to the lulzness..

+ + +

I turned the computer on awhile ago to do some research for our class and as usual I ended up checking Multiply. I saw Azhrien’s Toy Con album and I just had to check it out. And this made me lol

Drocell is being inconsiderate XD

Drocell is being inconsiderate XD

I had no idea MJ and I had such a position. XD -shot- and lol.! Facial expressions match the… scene.! XD credits to Azhrien, who I think edited this pic. XD shot came from me though.

+ + +

another random lulzness is the 5th episode of the Abridged Series of D.gray-Man. [not my video. I’m just sharing it]

it’s just full of randomness you can’t help but lol about. XD

+ + +

anyway just wanted to share it and i has to go now coz i r tired.


4 Responses to “[insert witty title here]”

  1. Kitang kita pa yung bag mo!:)):))

  2. EPIC.. PIC. :))
    I”M DRAINED TOO ;__;
    I will watch the abridged thing nowz. 8D

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