Updaaaates. 8D

Drocell Cainz and Syaoran Li

Drocell Cainz and Syaoran Li

Updates start now…

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June 12, 2009

Philippines’ 111th year of Independence.! 8D

Maddie,  Ate Jessica, Touya and Ren came over to our house to have a photoshoot. xD Ren came 2 hours earlier than the others did. lulz. and we had nothing to do. Fortunately Dekada `70 was showing in Cinema One and since we’ve already read the book, we decided to watch the movie. We almost fell asleep though. xD [gloomy weather, airconditioned room, who wouldn’t be tempted to sleep.? xD

Anway, we had the shoot in the Club House and in the random grassy areas beside it. The Club House had to close already but we weren’t finished yet.  lulz. We also had indoor photoshoots in random places in our house. I think the pics will be uploaded in Maddie or Touya’s multiply. Or Ate Jessica’s. Idk. xD all I know is it wouldn’t be coming from My multiply nor Ren’s. xD

+ + +

June 13, 2009

KYAAAA.!! ToyCon.!! ❤ the day I’ve been looking forward to for a long time now. xD lulz. The 7 hours in Megamall just seemed to fly by so fast. @_@

Arrived at around 12:45pm. Lulz. Megamall’s parking area was full that time that’s why  I had to get out of the car in front of the Supermarket and walk all the way up to 5th floor with half my costume on. I didn’t like people staring. They had that “what the hell is this person wearing?” look. lol.

I was walking around the Con area alone for like two hours while waiting for Ren. I managed to hang out with my cosfamily for awhile and hang out with Eunice and Kuya Reuell. But besides that, It was all emo mode for me. xD

Speaking of Eunice and Kuya Reuell, I finally met them.! yayz.! 8D I had been talking to them for a while now but I never had the chance to talk to them personally before. lol. And and and I met Azhrien already.!! ^o^ I’m so happy. x3 I had always been wanting to talk to Azhrien before but I was too shy. xD lol.

me [drocell] with Azhrien [Grell]

me with Azhrien

See how awesum Azhrien is.? 8D lulz.

+ + +

I was able to buy a pin button of Drocell with Ciel. I can’t believe I actually saw it. lol. Seriously. It’s rare to see pics of Drocell let alone pin buttons. XD

I really had a great time.! I wasn’t contented, actually. I didn’t want to leave early although I technically did not leave early. lulz. xD -shot-

And and and… I love it when I pass by people and they say “ui.! Si Drocell ‘yun ah.??” [oh.! isn’t that drocell.??] lol I found it heartwarming that people actually know Drocell despite the fact that he appeared in 2 and a half episodes only. XD

See.?? I told you.!! Drocell deserves more than just being a minor character.! D8

Another thing is, I got sick. *sulks* seriously. I did. Ohwell. at least it’s gone now and it wasn’t anything serious like Swine Flu.

Anyway, that’s all I can say about ToyCon, I guess. Ciao.!


[I’m having a major Kuroshitsuji overload right now. Been listening to the OST over and over again since last night. xD kyaa.~]


4 Responses to “Updaaaates. 8D”

  1. You’re an addict. :))
    I can’t wait for the Cardcaptor pics… They haven’t uploaded yet, haha. xDD

    Kyaaaaah Azhrien <3;

  2. yah! like hughes! hughes doesnt deserve to be a minor character!!!

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