The Swine Flew

Coz I am being like this right now…

ohyeeees.!! 8D

ohyeeees.!! 8D

another typer-happy update

+ + +

We have no classes today.! omgyayz. xD I still woke up early though. But who cares. No classes.! 8D

My aunt stopped over yesterday. She (dumped) gave us random stuffs again. Something caught my attention this time, though. A stuffed toy.! XD Stuffed Toys are my total weaknesses especially cute and cuddly ones. xD

it looks like this:

AWW.!! >w<

AWW.!! >w<

it looks like a bear but it has a beaver’s tail. 8D lulz. xD I am being too possessive with this, you know. forthelulz. ohwell. My sister didn’t want it anyway. xD

We had a hard time naming it this morning. My sister badly wanted its name to be Honey but I didn’t like it. And lulz, with all this Swine flu thing going on around, the word “Swine” got stuck in my mind. O_o lulz it almost became its name. So anyway, I just combined them both. The name ended up to be Sweeney. XD

+ + +

On more serious matters though, again I will blog about the Swine Flu issue. I just found out minutes ago that the Swine Flu rumor in Megamall is a total hoax. I’m not a hundred percent sure, though but hoax or not, it wouldn’t stop me from attending ToyCon. xD -is being totally selfish right now-

Anyway as I said before, Swine Flu is not as lethal as it seems. I think it’s deadly though but it’s not really as life-threatening as the media shows it to be.

According to Department Of Health...

According to Department Of Health...

See.? Even DOH says so. Dengue is deadlier. But hey, dengue’s been around fo a long time now. You don’t see people fuss around about it. >_> Still though, it doesn’t change the fact that a(H1N1) is scary.

This week started out with 40-something cases in our country and just a while ago, News stated that it has 90-something cases now. It spreads around faaaast. D8

Actually, there’s one more thing I really hate hearing. I hate it when people wishes to have Swine Flu. Maybe it’s just me but hey, isn’t it absurd to want to have a deadly sickness.? sure, it’s curable. Dude it’s still a deadly virus. Oh, and one more thing. I hate it when people wishes for their schools to be infected with Swine Flu just to not have classes. lulzwhutthehell. I’m sorry to be saying that, especially if you’re one of those people. OwO;

Anyway I’m being typer-happy again. I made two blogposts today. lulzwhut. The other one’s a character profile of Drocell Cainz. Feel free to check it out. xD Ciao.~


3 Responses to “The Swine Flew”

  1. Sweeney. :)) What a cute name! [Even if it reminds me of that bloody Sweeney Todd movie.] xD
    Omg, I remember Grell = Sweeney! /shot

    I don’t like those kind of people either. xD

    • scarletscythe Says:

      dapat kasi SWINEy. eh ang sagwa pakinggan. XD ohyes.!! Grell. The shinigami reaper. XD love it.

      nakakainis yung mga ganun, ‘no.? D<

  2. Sweeney Todd! =))

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