+ Kuroshitsuji –> Drocell Cainz

The Puppet Master

Cut my strings and set me free

Cut my strings and set me free

I am making this post right now coz I found out that there are no character profiles of Drocell in the internet. Or maybe it’s just that I haven’t seen one yet. xD

+ + +

Alternative Spellings: Drossel Cains, Drozell Keinz

[note: his name is sometimes mistaken to be Dorcel]

Seiyuu: Anri Katsu

Appearance: Kuroshitsuji, ep. 10 [beginning part], 11-12

+ Character information: [Warning: Spoilers]

Appearing first in the beginning of episode 10 of kuroshitsuji, Drocell Cainz seemed to have a mission of tracking down people who have the special Blue Diamond Ring [note: Blue diamonds are said to be so rare, that it’s impossible to see one in a lifetime]. He killed [using special strings] one person who stole one of the Blue Rings and soon after in episode 11, he kidnaps Lizzy, who recently bought a Blue Diamond Ring to replace Ciel’s ring which she broke. Lizzy ended up not giving to Ciel as she found out that it was once again fixed [by Sebastian]. According to Grell, Drocell was a butler and a puppeteer.

Drocell lured Lizzy by that London Bridge sound coming from his music box. Soon he listened to Lizzy’s story about wanting to give Ciel a perfect birthday gift for him to smile again. Drocell suggested that the best gift would be her.

He controls all dolls [based from kidnapped little girls] by the tune of the nursery rhyme “London Bridge” using different lyrics. Drocell used them as weapons against Grell, Ciel, Sebastian and Puru-puru [Pluto].

Some time during the 12th episode, Drocell controlled Lizzy and made her attack Ciel. Of course, Sebastian was there to protect Ciel and Grell managed to stop Lizzy.

He claimed to be human but also claims that white stuff had been falling out of his ear. According to Sebastian, he wasn’t made out of good materials. Drocell Cainz died but with the eagerness to serve his master, who remains to be unknown.

Additional Information:

+ Drocell is not in the manga. He only appeared in the Anime adaptation of Kuroshitsuji.


6 Responses to “+ Kuroshitsuji –> Drocell Cainz”

  1. White stuff falling out of his ear. :))

    • scarletscythe Says:

      Me.? I am a human being. But lately, I have white stuff falling from my ear” – Drocell

      Oh drocell and his cuteness. =))

  2. He is such a cutey, I really wished he had more cameo time 😀 I is my favorite Kuroshitsuji character. +Glomps him and squeels+ Drocell you crazy puppet! xD

    • scarletscythe Says:

      true truuuuue. D8 he died so soooooon. >__< mine too.!! Drocell you crazy yet lovely Puppet. ❤

  3. aww,drocell is a really sexy puppet boy! love him so much

  4. me encanta drocell *¬* …..nyaa en kurotsuji se nota q ahi artos chicos lindos =w= jejeje….drocell me recuerda un poco a sasori de naruto shippuden .w. etto…por casualidad como se llama la cancion q el canta¿?

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