A typer-happy Update

I am starting to reeeeaally hate this whole a(H1N1) virus thing…

+ + +

Like what the hell. I’ve been looking forward to ToyCon for the longest of time now and like here it is, days away, news will come around that Swine Flu reached the mall where ToyCon will be held. likewhutnowai. I think I worry more about the fact that it’d be cancelled or moved or something than the fact that Swine Flu is seriously attacking people all over the country. And yes I know, I am being selfish right now. lulz. Coz why the hell did that happen 2 days before ToyCon.?? gaaaah. Okay, I am ranting now. lulz. The reason why people seem so paranoid about it is because the media make it sound like it’s such a lethal disease but I am telling you Dengue is actually worse. And c’mon, Dengue had been around for a loooong time now yet it doesn’t seem like a big deal. OwO; [Medical literates, please correct me if I’m wrong]


I just realized that I had been typing A(H1N1) wrong all these times. XD the previous entry is a proof of that. XD

It’s the end of the wooooooorld.! orz. and no, I am not emo. XD

+ + +

Another fact that I’m starting to hate is that I might not be a member of the school paper organization this year. Dx likewhut. I had been in that org. since my freshman year and I so cannot stop midway. *sulks* So many changes have been made. OwO; And I’m kinda worried for that organization. Why.? coz there are lots of new clubs this year and surely it’d be a… “competition”. The school paper’s organization is mostly made up of photographers and people who are awesum with cameras and digital stuff and now there’s a new club. The Photography Club. It won’t be associated with the school paper whatsoever. *sulks* ohwell. Let’s see what happens. xD

It’s Ren’s birthday today.  And I specifically mean Ren Daiko. lulz. xD

I am jotting down random things again  coz I am feeling very hyper right now

+ + +

Anyway it’s a big giveaway that I have nothing good to blog about even though I’m in the mood to type. As kuya Von would say it,  “strike while the iron is hot. [. . .] the iron is hot but there’s nothing to srtike



6 Responses to “A typer-happy Update”

  1. school paper! noooo… must reign! XD dont let it out of reach.. its a lifetime pain, i swear!

  2. Hello!
    I hate the virus too! >w<;
    Oh and ya know whut, I dreamt about going to the con last night… o3o;

    Kyaah, well I'm sure not all the HS Photogs will be able to enter that other club because they only accept 15 members =))
    I hope


    • scarletscythe Says:

      who doesn’t.xD
      see.?? I’m not the only one uberly excited for it. xD speaking of, I haven’t prepared stuffs yet. OwO; I shall prepare them tomorrow night. 8D lulz total crammer

      kyaaa oo nga pala. O_O only 15 members. >_> I bet photogs are totally confused right now. 8D

  3. wahahahaha XD striking nothing but air is bother some, ohh well My opinion is this coordinate the Photog club to the school paper… like pair them with some of your reporter ahahahaha I guess the photog club wouldnt say no tooooo that ahahaha

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