Total Culture Shock

I played that Daily advice game thing in section 3 again today and my advice was…

Believe in yourself

+ + +

Blog Title: Culture Shock

Why: Coz until now I’m not yet used to WordPress’ system.

+ + +

Kyaaaaaaaa. Dx maybe I’m just really used to user-friendly blogging sites where in everything is just… readily made. Forthelulz. Don’t get me wrong, though. I love it here in WordPress. It’s awesuuum. 8D but I think it’ll take me time to get used to it.

I’m actually very thankful to Ate Patsy and Kuya Von. They patiently taught me how to fix stuffs here and guys I am so sorry coz I don’t easily understand how it works. I seem to be a computer literate person but believe me, I’m not. lulz.

+ + +

[some serious matters]

This whole A H1N1 virus [Swine Flu] thing is getting way out of hand. D8 Philippines is actually one of the countries who got the virus at a later time but meh.

Honestly, I thought it’d never reach here. -shot- I’m actually a bit disturbed about the whole thing even though they say that it’s only the media’s fault why the A H1N1 seemed so destructive and all but still. It’s a new virus and it’s scary.

Universities here are starting to get infected by the virus and here I am, hoping that our school would be spared. I’m kinda worried though, coz a close friend of mine studies in one of the “infected universities”. I just heard the news a little while ago. It worries me. >_>

New virus. New weapons. Weird climates. Apocalytpic much.?

+  +  +

[now this is where I write whatever comes to mind right now]

Ren won as Assistant treasurer today.! 8D *is proud* coz she’s awesum like that. xD

Azhrien is the featured cosplayer of Otakuzine 39.! 8D kyaaaa. I haven’t seen any issues of Otakuzine lately but really. I’d hunt down for that. * w * coz Azhrien is awesuuuum. [yes I keep on repeating that]

I made a new page today. It’s called “welcome to the realm” and it’s a sort-of an introductory post or something like that. I’m trying to make it my “homepage” but I’m such a noob so yes. I wasn’t able to do so.

4 days to go ’til toycon.!! -is very very excited-

+ +  +

anyway this is getting a bit long now. ’til the next time. Ciao.~


5 Responses to “Total Culture Shock”

  1. Yay, last day tomorrow!!!!!
    Kaimashouuuu <3;;

  2. XD woot thats cool…

  3. aww. i got mentioned.. *squeals*
    neh, make sure you go to toycon okay?
    i really wanna meet my future little sis already.

    just a thought, hundreds of people have died because of A(H1N1) and everyone wants to wear a mask (at least in other countries, ie. Japan); millions of people die from aids, yet no one really cares to use a condom..

    *toink* should i even be discussing that with you? ahaha XD
    “safe sex, my dear” lulz. i sound like some whatever advisor. ahah

    • scarletscythe Says:

      yes yes i will gooooo. even with all those swine flu threats going around.xD i wanna meet you too naaaa.~ ;w;

      kyahaha. so true. xD they made such a big fuss sa swine flu yet all other lethal sicknesses are flying around. xD

      lulz i am not that young, you know. xD ohoho. wee.~ Ate Patsy the advisor. forthelulz. xD

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