Stay In Shape

Rou to ishi de tsukure, tsukure, tsukure. Rou to ishide tsukure my fair lady

+ + +

Preview explanation:

Rou to ishi de tsukure, tsukure, tsukure. Rou to ishi de tsukure. My Fair Lady” is another famous line / song of Drocell Cainz in Kuroshitsuji.

In english:

Make it out of wax and stone, wax and stone, wax and stone. Make it out of wax and stone, My Fair Lady

So why on earth did I choose that line.? …

I need to be highly flexible with what’s happening. luuuuulz. xD

+ + +

I still don’t get the fact that college students and other schools moved their first day to June 15th but ours stayed the same. Forthelulz. Anyway, it’s our final sectioning this year. Whether we like it or not, it’s gonna be the our section until we graduate. I’m not 100% sure about that, though. But for the past years it worked that way. x3

I can’t say I really really like my section. XD but oh well. What’s funny is that, there was this game in Section 3. It was some sort of Daily advice game and it works this way: you close your eyes then randomly point at a spot on this paper thing where random advices are written. So… we tried it forthelulz awhile ago and guess what I got for both my chances:

~ “Stay In Shape

~ “Look at the sunny side of life


andohmaiyayz we has no classes on Thursday and Friday.! [note: intentionally making my grammar wrong] and Saturday comes Toycon.! I r excited. >w<

and and and Ren Daiko is my classmate.! omgyaaaaay.! 8D the last time we were classmates was back in 1999. OwO; solulzwtthehell.

Another random thing: people kept telling me I looked like A BJD. omgwhut. xD

Anyway this is where I end this. + + +


6 Responses to “Stay In Shape”

  1. its so good to be in college. XD hahaha lucky me, our jun8 class was moved to jun16. XD hurraaahhh!!

  2. me not very lucky enough XD i want the class to be move again so I could enroll?? lady luck is not on my side this time of the year

  3. oh I forgot your flag counter is too big in size pau chan?? make it smaller so that it could fit ahahahahaha

  4. Hahaha, I’m so happy I can comment <3; LOLz.
    Yay we are classmates ftw!!

    We were just unlucky. And they wanted to end the introduction stuff quickly so that regular classes could start on Monday. Gaaaah. T__T

    I am making a flaglet right nowz 8D


  5. meetzie Says:

    it’s fun to make pointing-pointing to the paper pointing thing :))

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