ohmai look who made a WordPress account.!

forthelulz. Long title. 8D anyway, I won’t be posting much here right now and I r making this random post just to lessen the dullness. XD anyway, as I mentioned in my first post in LJ some days ago, I wanna try to make serious blog entries and yes. I don’t wanna do it in multiply coz it’ll invade inboxes and comments would sometimes be… floody too and I don’t wanna do it in DeviantArt coz… again, total invasion of inboxes. lulz.

I made an LJ account days ago and… well… it’s just not going right. XD I’ll still be keeping the account though, but it won’t be updated. That account is just for major fanstalkage. So here I am, now in WordPress although I’m having a bit of a hard time.  Waii. I’ll learn. hopefully. XD


2 Responses to “ohmai look who made a WordPress account.!”

  1. Uyyy, *pokes counter* kasama ako dun sa taga-US na bumisita LOL. Lokong counter! :)))

    Congrats on the wordpress!! 😀

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