I’ve been thinking about it…

[ A repost from my LJ account]

I’m gonna re-post this here coz it’s the only entry there that makes sense. XD all other entries are total randomness.

+ + + +

lulz. “I’ve been thinking about it” is Drocell’s most repeated line in Kuroshitsuji. 8D

“Life is not a game. This world does not come with a set of rules and reasoning” -Ciel Phantomhive

life is unfair.!! and no, i’m not being emo or anything like that. XD it’s just that, I hate the fact that colleges and universities does not have classes yet tomorrow but we have. >_> it’s a total epic fail. Dx more epic fail than I am. lulz.

Ren was here yesterday and lulz we had one hell of a time. She came a little later than planned but maa~ who cares. XD things we did:

~ + Watched some eps of Kuroshitsuji and lol-ed at some scenes and epic facial expressions. Grell Sutcliff and Daisuke Ono is just      pure win. XD [@ Ren, LONDON BRIDGE IS FALLING DOWN.!] and Drocell is just… just… love. ❤

~ + Took random pics in random costumes. 8D forthelulz. some pics seem convincing, though I was wearing Drocell’s coat but not his
pants, socks, boots and stuff. So everytime we took pics, I asked my dad to take it from waist up. xD btw, pics can be found in my

~ + I discovered a new costume. It looks like a random doll / Drocell girl version. Might be wearing that for awhile in Toycon if I’m not lezi.

She left some time around 6pm or so and 30 mins after, we had to leave for the airport to fetch my Mom who came from Cebu. I was in the car when it finally hit me. That was my last night for vacation. @_@ *sighs*

+ + +

I intentionally woke up early today and forced myself not to sleep in the afternoons. Why.? coz I wanna sleep early [yeah right] tonight. It’s our first day of classes tomorrow and meh. I get picked up at 6 a.m. Thank God it’s later now. @_@ used to be 5:30 a.m. so yes. There are lots of things I’m so not looking forward to this year. >_> and I’d rather not mention them. lulz.

I was chatting with Azhrien awhile ago and something random really came up. xD we were talking about sleeping times and body clocks and stuff and I said something that REALLY sounded wrong. xD I was referring to Azhrien’s body clock when I said “You have an awesome body.xD” and it took me some time before I realized what I typed. lol whut the hell. That’s why I instantly followed up “body clock.!!” just as to make it right. forthelulz.

And here I am, making another random blogpost coz I’m trying to make time fly faster.OwO; oh who am I kidding. xD it’s impossible for me to sleep early. lulz. It explains my height. 8D


3 Responses to “I’ve been thinking about it…”

  1. XD woot droce.. cant wait to see.
    and of course, meet you. ^^ nyaaaa

    my wp: http://patfishtales.wordpress.com

  2. You have an awesome…
    =)) HAHAHAHA.

    That day was lovely <3;

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